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Vision and Mission

"To connect every Veteran in Delaware County to a spiritual support group."


The Mission (how will the vision be achieved)

Chaplain Cohen will utilize every method of outreach to seek out Veterans in the community in order to connect with them while simultaneously advocating for Veterans' causes among those with whom he comes in contact during the following process;

A) Through membership and involvement in Veterans Service Organizations and Veterans Administration related entities.

B) Through community engagement

- at the SPIRITUAL level (faith based institutions)

- at the GOVERNMENTAL and neighborhood level (elected officials, police, fire, CDCs, Civic Associations)

- at the ORGANIZATIONAL level (clubs, groups, associations)

- at the COMMERCIAL level (chamber of commerce, businesses associations)

- at the INFORMATIONAL level (media, tv, radio, newspapers, social media, advertising)

- at the EDUCATIONAL level (schools, colleges, institutes, and related associations)

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